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Raspberry Pi By Example

Raspberry PI Raspberry PI

Raspberry Pi By Example

Autor: Ashwin Pajankar, Arush Kakkar
Broj strana: 294
ISBN broj: 9781785285066
Godina izdanja: 2016.

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What You Will Learn

  • Set up your Raspberry Pi and get it ready for some interesting real-life projects
  • Work with images, videos, webcams, and the Pi camera and create amazing time-lapse videos
  • Explore the amazing world of Minecraft Pi
  • Get to know how to use PiGlow for GPIO programming
  • Interface your Pi with Grove Sensors and implement IoT applications
  • Build your own cluster with Raspberry Pi
  • Understand the networking and network programming fundamentals

Book Description

Want to put your Raspberry Pi through its paces right out of the box? This tutorial guide is designed to get you learning all the tricks of the Raspberry Pi through building complete, hands-on hardware projects. Speed through the basics and then dive right in to development!

Discover that you can do almost anything with your Raspberry Pi with a taste of almost everything. Get started with Pi Gaming as you learn how to set up Minecraft, and then program your own game with the help of Pygame. Turn the Pi into your own home security system with complete guidance on setting up a webcam spy camera and OpenCV computer vision for image recognition capabilities. Get to grips with GPIO programming to make a Pi-based glowing LED system, build a complete functioning motion tracker, and more. Finally, get ready to tackle projects that push your Pi to its limits. Construct a complete Internet of Things home automation system with the Raspberry Pi to control your house via Twitter; turn your Pi into a super-computer through linking multiple boards into a cluster and then add in advanced network capabilities for super speedy processing!


Ashwin Pajankar

Ashwin Pajankar is a software professional and IoT enthusiast with more than 5 years' experience in software design, development, testing, and automation.

He graduated from IIIT Hyderabad, earning an M.Tech in computer science and engineering. He holds multiple professional certifications from Oracle, IBM, Teradata, and ISTQB in development, databases, and testing. He has won several awards in college through outreach initiatives, at work for technical achievements, and community service through corporate social responsibility programs.

He was introduced to Raspberry Pi while organizing a hackathon at his workplace, and he's been hooked on Pi ever since. He writes plenty of code in C, Bash, Python, and Java on his cluster of Pis. He's already authored one book on Raspberry Pi and reviewed three other titles related to Python for Packt Publishing.

His LinkedIn Profile is at

Arush Kakkar

Arush Kakkar is a computer vision and deep learning researcher and an undergraduate at Delhi Technological University. His primary focus is on autonomous robotics, which includes drones and self-driving cars, and he has been involved in building such systems in different capacities, such as navigation, localization, path planning. He has also leveraged state-of-the art computer vision and deep learning technologies for them. He is the electrical systems head of the Solar Car team of his university, Solaris DTU.

He is currently working on his own driverless car company, CruiseX, which uses deep learning to drive more smoothly and with fewer errors.

You can connect with him through his website at and read up on some of his projects at

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Raspberry Pi and Python
Chapter 2: Minecraft Pi
Chapter 3: Building Games with PyGame
Chapter 4: Working with a Webcam and Pi Camera
Chapter 5: Introduction to GPIO Programming
Chapter 6: Creating Animated Movies with Raspberry Pi
Chapter 7: Introduction to Computer Vision
Chapter 8: Creating Your Own Motion Detection and Tracking System
Chapter 9: Grove Sensors and the Raspberry Pi
Chapter 10: Internet of Things with the Raspberry Pi
Chapter 11: Build Your Own Supercomputer with Raspberry Pi
Chapter 12: Advanced Networking with Raspberry Pi
Chapter 13: Setting Up a Web Server on the Raspberry Pi
Chapter 14: Network Programming in Python with the Pi


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