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Startups in Action

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Startups in Action

Autor: JP Silva
Broj strana: 141
ISBN broj: 978-1-4842-5786-9
Godina izdanja: 2020.

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The growing pains of a startup’s initial year in business require a keen awareness of uncertainties and a willingness to adapt in order to survive. Today’s new founders greatly benefit from taking a behind-the-scenes look at successful companies such as Etsy, HotelTonight, Fiverr, and more in regards to how they overcame the challenges of their first year. Startups in Action is your curated source for critical insights and inspiration from those who have been there before.

This book documents the month-to-month journeys of these companies in their first year, zeroing in on key decisions that helped them recover from missteps, and adapt to complications, to eventually grow and succeed. Were the founders full-time from the beginning? How long did it take them to build a working prototype? How many end-users did they have in the first year? The answers to these questions are of interest to those who are just starting out and want to learn by example. Collected from interviews with the founders themselves, author JP Silva answers these questions and reveals how each of the startups charted their paths to success. Startups in Action is equal parts inspirational and practical, providing guidance through a foundation of relatability to help cope with situations and surprises experienced during a startup’s first year.

Startup discourse is rife with myths and oversimplification. Cut through the noise and learn the events, actions, and counteractions only attainable from the founders themselves. As more and more aspiring entrepreneurs are about to start their journeys, the value of knowledge about difficult choices and obstacles that companies face in their first year is critical. With Startups in Action, you will benefit from the invaluable knowledge of experience and be prepared to face the challenges of building a successful startup.

What You Will Learn

  • Acquire critical insights from the most successful startups, easily available and collated in one book
  • Compare and contrast the first year journey of your startup with that of giants such as Etsy, StubHub, Fiverr, and more
  • Learn how to build better startups by understanding what you should or should not do

Who This Book Is For

This book is for new and aspiring founders, and those curious to learn about the journeys of successful startups.

Table of contents

Year One of Despegar

Year One of Shazam

Year One of StubHub

Year One of Plenty Of Fish (POF)

Year One of Etsy

Year One of SlideShare

Year One of Heroku

Year One of Yammer

Year One of Fiverr

Year One of HotelTonight



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